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Please note that all timings below are approximate and subject to change.
In the event of play continuing beyond the above timings, in general, all facilities will close one hour after the close of play.

07:30 Gates Open
07:30 Tented Village Opens
08:00 Hospitality Suites Opens
08:35 Four-ball matches start (at 15 minute intervals)
16:00 Tented Village closes
08:30 Gates Open
08:30 Tented Village Opens
09:00 Hospitality Suites Open
09:35 Foursome matches start (at 15 minute intervals)
16:00 Tented Village closes
07:30 Gates Open
07:30 Tented Village Opens
08:00 Hospitality Suites Open
08:35 Singles matches start (at 12 minute intervals)
15:00 (approx.) Prize presentation on the 18th Green
16:00 Tented Village closes


EurAsia Cup Match

The Match is a contest between a team representing Europe and a team representing Asia comprising six Fourball better ball, six Foursome and twelve singles matches over eighteen holes of Match Play.

Match Play

A Match is played by holes and not by cumulative score. Fourball

Each team selects two players to form a side. Each side will play their better ball against the other side’s better ball.


Each team selects two players to form a side. Each side will decide which player will play the first tee shot. That player will play each tee shot at every odd numbered hole while his partner will play the tee shots at all even numbered holes. After the tee shot, each partner will play alternately until the hole has been decided.


One member of each team will play against one member of the opposing team.


A side is considered “dormie” when it is winning by the same number of holes that remain to be played. For example, if side A was 2-up with two holes to play, side A would be “dormie”.



How a hole is won?

A hole is won by the player or side with the lowest score on that particular hole. For example, if side A makes a three on the first hole and side B makes a five on the first hole, side A wins the hole and would be 1-up in the match.

How is score kept for match play?

Score is kept by the number of holes “up” (won) and the number of holes to play. For example, if side A wins the first hole they would be 1-up with 17 holes to play.

What do you call it when neither side is one or more holes up?

If neither side leads by one or more holes, then it is considered “all square”. For example, if side A makes a three on the first hole and side B makes a three on the first hole then the match would be all square with 17 holes to play.

What are concessions?

A stroke, a hole or the match can be conceded at any time prior to the conclusion of the hole or match. Concessions of a stroke, a hole or the match may not be declined or withdrawn.

One side may choose to concede a stroke to the opposing side if there is no doubt that they’ll hole out the shot. For instance, if side A plays and the ball ends six inches from the hole and side B hits their ball out of bounds, side B may choose to concede the hole to side A. As a result, side A wins the hole.

When does one side win a match?

A side will win their match when they are mole holes up than there are holes remaining. For example, if a side is 2-up with one hole to play, the match is over and one point is awarded to the winning side.

How many points can you win during each match?

Only one point is available for each match won.

Can a match end with neither side winning?

If a match is all square after 18 holes of play (this is called “halved”), each team receives one half point. There are no extra holes in EurAsia Cup play.

Can the EurAsia Cup end in a tie?

If, at the conclusion of the inaugural EurAsia Cup, both teams are tied on 10 points each, the EurAsia Cup will be shared between the teams. In future editions, if there is a tie, the team who last won the EurAsia Cup retains the cup.


Volunteers will be required to work and participate in event activities throughout the three days of the tournament, Friday - Sunday. In addition, they will need to attend a familiarization day on the weekend prior to the tournament week at Glenmarie Golf and Country Club.

  • All volunteers should have some understanding of the game of golf. However, there are many roles available that do not require complete knowledge of the game
  • Volunteers must have good spoken and written English
  • All volunteers are required to be courteous and attentive in their roles at all times
  • Good social and interpersonal skills are also required as all the roles involve working with others
  • Volunteers are not allowed to ask players for their autographs while in uniform
  • All volunteers must be at least 18 years of age as of 14th January 2018
  • All applicants must submit their application on-line.
  • All applications will be processed and reviewed.
  • All applicants will be informed of their selection prior to the event.
  • Deadline to receive applications is 31st December, 2017.
  • The EurAsia Cup organisers’ decision is final.
  • If you have any questions, please contact


  • Week-long official apparel (two (2) T-shirts and one (1) cap)
  • Week-long volunteer admittance credentials
  • Week-long volunteer parking voucher
  • Volunteers Golf Day (date TBC)
  • Meals on the day you work (breakfast and lunch)


Thank you for your interest in volunteering. Please note that applications are now closed. We look forward to your application for the next edition of Eurasiacup.



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